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Ecliptek Offers On-Line Stock Search Function

For Immediate Release
Wednesday, March 15th, 2006
Costa Mesa, CA - Customers visiting the Ecliptek Corporation website now have the ability to search both authorized distributor and Ecliptek inventory.
Ecliptek offers customers the choice to find product stock by part number string or parametric search. The part number string search allows customers to type in a full or partial Ecliptek part number and sort by product type and/or RoHS compliance status. The parametric search function allows customers to filter by frequency, package, RoHS compliance status, frequency tolerance/stability, and operating temperature range, for both crystals and oscillators as well as load capacitance and mode of operation for crystals only and logic type and supply voltage for oscillators.
Once stock is located customers can request a quote directly from Ecliptek or the authorized distributor with stock on hand. Customers requesting a quote from Ecliptek can add products to a managed parts list and build a quotation based on these part numbers. Product on the parts list will show stock status as well.
The on-line stock search function can be accessed directly from the Ecliptek home page, the , tools and resources section, and at the top of any product series page. This tool is the latest addition to Ecliptek Corporation's cutting-edge website offering some of the most comprehensive functionality in the frequency control industry.
Founded in 1987, Ecliptek has become a leading supplier of frequency control products to the electronics industry. Ecliptek provides unparalleled quality, complete engineering support, excellent customer service and innovative products to their OEM customers and distributors worldwide. Complete information on company operations or any of Ecliptek's quality frequency control devices can be obtained by calling 1-800-ECLIPTEK or by visiting Ecliptek's internet site at www.ecliptek.com. The company's Email address is sales@ecliptek.com.