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Ecliptek Press Release

SiTime and Ecliptek form Joint Technology Partnership

For Immediate Release
Monday, May 8th, 2006
Sunnyvale, CA - SiTime, a privately held Silicon Valley startup bringing the first MEMS based all silicon timing solutions to market, and Ecliptek Corporation, a leader in the frequency control market, have signed a strategic partnership agreement allowing Ecliptek to develop products based on SiTime's MEMS First™ resonator technology.
Kurt Petersen, CEO of SiTime Corporation said "We are thrilled to work with Ecliptek, one of the largest industry suppliers of frequency control products. This partnership combines SiTime's revolutionary MEMS First™ technology with Ecliptek's recognized leadership in customer service, support, and knowledge of the market, which are three crucial ingredients for success."
Ecliptek is currently taking sample requests for their first generation product, the EMO™ family, and will be shipping mass production in the fall of 2006. Information on EMO™ products can be found on the company's web site at www.ecliptek.com.
"We are very excited to enter this partnership", said Cary Rosen, President and CEO of Ecliptek Corporation. "SiTime's technology coupled with Ecliptek's experience in the frequency control market will make for an effective business relationship. We are looking forward to taking a collaborative approach to developing current and future generations of products using MEMS First™ technology".
About SiTime
SiTime Corporation develops MEMS Silicon resonators and related products. The MEMS First™ and EpiSeal™ process licensed from Robert Bosch GmbH has removed the technical barriers preventing wide acceptance of this quartz replacement technology. The key benefits of the technology are still to be fully realized in future value added components. These benefits include MEMS+CMOS integration, multiple resonators per die, and system benefits derived from a captive time source. SiTime's primary investors are Greylock and NEA venture capital firms as well as Robert Bosch GmbH. More information about SiTime and SiRes™ samples for select customers is available at www.sitime.com or www.sitime.jp
About Ecliptek
Founded in 1987, Ecliptek has become a leading supplier of frequency control products to the electronics industry. Ecliptek provides unparalleled quality, complete engineering support, excellent customer service and innovative products to their OEM customers and distributors worldwide. Complete information on company operations or any of Ecliptek's quality frequency control devices can be obtained by calling 1-800-ECLIPTEK or by visiting Ecliptek's internet site at www.ecliptek.com. The company's Email address is sales@ecliptek.com.