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Ecliptek Press Release

Ecliptek Launches Low EMI Programmable Oscillator Product Line

Spread Spectrum Clock Oscillators Available with Three Day Delivery

For Immediate Release
Friday, September 10, 2004
Costa Mesa, CA - Ecliptek Corporation announces the addition of the EPS series programmable low EMI spread spectrum oscillators to our full line of frequency control products.
Available in six or four pad SMD and 14 and 8 pin DIP through-hole packages, the EPS is an ideal solution for designers needing a low EMI emissions solution for FCC EMI testing. The EPS series reduces EMI at the clock source instead of locations later down the clock stream, potentially eliminating the use of supplemental shielding enclosures and/or filtering components. This greatly reduces system costs and improves overall EMI performance. Applications for the EPS series include Set-top boxes, medical equipment, scanners, printers, LCD displays, and communications equipment.
Standard specifications for the EPS series include a frequency range of 14.31818MHz to 166.000MHz, 3.3V supply voltage, ±100ppm frequency stability (inclusive of all conditions), LVHCMOS output with controlled rise/fall times, programmable spread percentages between ±0.25% and ±2.00% center spread and -0.5% to -4.0% down spread, spread spectrum enable/disable function (six pad SMD), and tri-state or power down options for high impedance output.
Using a proprietary ASIC and state-of-the-art flash programming technique, Ecliptek is able to program and deliver EPS products in as little as three days. Packaging options include tape and reel (SMD packages) or tube. Prices start below $4.00 in 1000 piece quantity.
Founded in 1987, Ecliptek has become a leading supplier of frequency control products to the electronics industry. Ecliptek provides unparalleled quality, complete engineering support, excellent customer service and innovative products to their OEM customers and distributors worldwide. Complete information on company operations or any of Ecliptek's quality frequency control devices can be obtained by calling 1-800-ECLIPTEK or by visiting Ecliptek's internet site at www.ecliptek.com. The company's Email address is sales@ecliptek.com.