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Ecliptek is one of the ILSI America brands, which also include:

ILSI America MMD Oscilent

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Your input does not match a complete, valid Ecliptek part number and it doesn't appear to belong to any Ecliptek Product Series.

You may try one of these options to help:

  • Use our SmartSearch app to search all active part numbers using parametric values that match your requirements.
  • Browse our Product Series by Oscillators or Crystals where you can select your desired Series and then build a part number by specifying values for the available parametric attributes.
  • If you would like to request additional information regarding this item please contact our Customer Support Department at customersupport@ecliptek.com.

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Input any valid Ecliptek Part Number into the text box and then click the 'GO' button.

You may also input a partial part number string and we will display our Part Numbering Guide for that Product Series, if it can be identified.